Myself and my horse, Delta.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by the about page!
Hello! My name is Amara and I am the person behind CustomPony.com. I currently reside in Kansas City, Kansas. In May 2007, I graduated from a little University in Missouri with a B.S. in Equestrian Science. With that- I guess you can tell my time is taken up with real horses and of course, My Little Ponies!

Everything you see on this web site is in my charge, though I do have a few friends that help in packing your order. If you have any questions, I'm more then happy to answer them! Please e-mail me using the e-mail in the links above. :-)

A little bit about what makes CustomPony.com special...
CustomPony.com is the first and oldest online retailer of doll hair. I started collecting My Little Ponies online back in 1996 (creating my first MLP fan/sales site in 1997). At that time, the idea of customizing ponies barely even existed! It didn't take long before custom ponies became more popular and moved from being a personal creation to start appearing on ebay as true artist works- and boy were they popular! A new era of collecting had been born.

I, too, started to make customs and soon afterwards I listed a few creations on eBay. I began to get many e-mails asking where I got my doll hair/supplies from and wanting to know my techniques. Of course, I was happy to help (and traded supplies for ponies that I needed for my collection)! Eventually, the demand grew greater and I decided to start selling hair on my pony fan site in 2000. At that time I was selling only one type of hair in 9 colors. Boy has that changed!

About our new Nylon hair...
Requests and interest from the customizers of Barbie, My Little Pony and many other doll types have allowed me to expand my web site beyond my wildest dreams (really!). In April 2006, I moved my tutorials and hair sales from my original site to open CustomPony.com for My Little Pony collectors. I am currently working on a sister site, HairForDolls.com, just for doll artists!

I can honestly say that I am VERY proud to offer this new hair. The hair you'll find here is exclusive to this site, with custom colors that you will not find elsewhere. This hair is manufactured just for CustomPony.com, to my specifications. It's taken over a years worth of work to get the final product in the store. I hope that you will be as pleased as I am.

Happy Customizing!