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So what's this about....?
Well, I love to show off some of the nice e-mails I've received from customers and site viewers :-)  I'm going to try to remember to pick out a couple of my favorites at the end of each month, though I wish I could post them all! I'd like to say a special thanks to everyone who e-mails me just to tell me you love the site/business. If you want to specifically write a web site review to be posted here, please e-mail me. 

Last Updated 7/19/07

9/22/08: Whoops! Looks like I need to update, huh? I've saved some lovely emails but haven't added them yet... I promise to do so soon.. keep them coming!


Thank you all for the kind e-mails you send me! Your postive feedback always brightens my day. I wish I had time to post them all :-)

"Thanks so much! I love your hair, its such great value and so easy to work with! Looking at all the other types and prices on other hair websites, yours is definitely the best! Thanks!" -David. 10/07


"...BTW - I love your site - and its adds so much more to my browsing and purchasing experience when I have a face to go with the person. :o) Your tutorials are going to make all the difference to a few less-than-graceful-looking gals!  Thank YOU!" -Julie A. 7/07


"Hello, I bought some pony hair from you and just recieved it today, and I just wanted to thank you for such speedy survice and the wonderful communication! I'm looking forward to working on my first custom with it and just wanted to thank you." -Jayme C. 7/07


"Oh, thank you very much for the extra skein Amara. That is very kind of you. I will definately put it to good use! ... ^_^ I will be back again soon!! *hugs*" -loyalheart* 7/07


"My second time ordering from you. Love the hair! I've fixed some of my Nirvanas with your hair!" Lori N. 6/07


"Thank you so much! I'll be ordering more from you in the future." -Dani K 5/07


"Thank you and I remember your name [dazzleglow, from the mlp message boards] from way back in 1999! Thats great that your!! I had no idea it was you- Gratz!" -Aine/psivampyr 4/07


"...And thank you so much for adding an extra skein of hair! That is so sweet of you! Till next time ;-)" -Linda O. 4/07

"Hello again! Sorry I never gave any feedback earlier for the hair I bought but I havent used it untill recently! I would like to say I liked it alot! (much bether then the [other hair] that I used before) ... The colours where all fantastic! ... I gave one baby Glory a new tail and the hair told to match really did! If it wasnt for the fact that I left the tail a bit longer then the original length I believe no-one could tell it wasnt the original! Perfect! And my customs looks fantastic too! :) And thanks for the extra hair! That colour turned out to match a custom-to-be much bether then the ones I ordered, thats lucky for me! :)" -Asa 10/06


"Dear Amara, My items arrived today, and they are just perfect :) I just bought other stuff from your website, and I want to thank you for the coupon you sent to me :) Thanks again, and I will buy again from you when I'm in need of pony stuff! :)" -Olga 3/07


"Your hair is great, i love the ponies i have re-done since receiving my last order. Thanks again, Shelley" - Shelly W. 2/07


"Hello! My package just came in this morning! Thank you so much for everything, and the sweet note you put in there, too! I'm undergoing a little project to rehair mine and my sister's favorite childhood ponies (unfortunately, our favorites were always the ones to undergo haircuts) and restore them to their former beauty. You can be sure I'll be ordering from in the future!! Thanks again, and Happy Holidays to you, too!! " -Hillary B. 12/06

"I must praise you on your communication with customers…it is outstanding! Thank you!" -Janeen 12/06


"Your ponies are so cute!  When I was little I had "my little pony's" and I really liked playing with them and their hair.  I'm so glad I found your site.  I have learned so much. I didn't know that there was anyone like you that customized little ponies like that.  They are so beautiful and unique.  Keep up the good work." -Nisha L. 11/06


"Just wanted to let you know, you have converted a customizer who used to swear by Katsilk(tm). This stuff matches MLP in a way Katsilk(tm) just can't. Thank you!" -Blythe F. 10/06

"Hi Amara! I just wanted to say thank you so much for the fast shipping! It's fantastic and means I can get on with my comission that little bit faster :) I will DEFINATLY be using you in the future!" -Megan L. 10/06

Just wanted to drop you  a line, thanking you for the prompt delivery and great service that I got from your site!  The Sunny Day shade of hair was
just what I was looking for..." -Danielle 10/06

"Got the hair- I LOVE IT!! Will be ordering more this week. Thanks again!!" -Traxxx 10/06

Hi there! I recently stumbled across your site and was very impressed. I just started customising ponies myself, and found your tutorials quite helpful. Thanks a lot! ... Thanks a lot for your time and keep up the awesome job you're doing. =3 -Juliana D. - 10/06


"...Thanks so much for shipping it out so fast! There is an unfinished, half-bald halloween custom on my table whose name is all over that white hair :)" -Nickeline 10/06


"Hi- I left you very positive feedback on the TP and arena. I was really impressed with the quantity of your hair and shipping speed, as well as the sewn-in weft idea. Thanks!" -Nickeline 10/06


"Hi Amara! I just wanted to say thank you so much for the fast shipping! It's fantastic and means I can get on with my comission that little bit faster :) I will DEFINATLY be using you in the future!" -Megan L. 10/06


"Hi Amara! I received my order from you on Friday, and am so pleased! The colors are exactly what I had been hoping for, the texture nice and silky, and I was most impressed above all by the excellent way you handled my order. I shall definitely be ordering from you again in the future! Thank you!" -Sarah P. 9/06

"I just got my order of Nylon Hair, I can’t wait to use it. Thank you for the extra skein of hair. I will order form you again in the future." -Carole N. / Midnight.Dream 9/06


"Amara, thanks for the beautiful nylon hair!" -Bettina L 9/06

"...thank you for the extra skein and coupon!" - Jess H. 8/06


"I am ordering more, it seems like a lot of the customs I am doing require white hair, lol. I already used your hair for my one custom and it is great! Also I just made a baby masquerade, and her hair is just like her mom because of your hair. It is wonderful!" -Stephanie K. 8/06


"Hi! I just wanted to say I recieved the hair and it looks gorgeous!  Thanks! I can't wait to start rehairing." -Shannon G. 8/06


"Wow!! The hair you sent me is so amazingly close to G1 ponys texture (not that tangley G3 stuff!). The colors are so bright and pure, just like they were in the 80s. Thank you thank you thank you." -Sarah S. 8/06


Wow, thats quite the long skein of hair! Very nice! Thanks! - (ebay) 8/06


Awesome Hair! Terrific Seller! Fast, Friendly, and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - (ebay) 8/06


I got my order today! The hair is great! Thank you for the extra! It was so sweet!! -Holly / Jupiternwndrlnd 8/06




I had a major site revamp early 2006. I had carried kanekalon, tiara and yaky hair for many years, but now only carry nylon hair. Below is the feedback on the site before the changes.


"Hello, At the end of December 2005 I had bought lovely pony hair skeins from you. I just wanted to let you know this past week I was finally able to get instructions and use the hair to make a new tail for the pony I had bought the hair for. It made a beautiful tail. I just wanted to thank you again for helping make this small dream come true!! Thank you!! " -Joshua 4/06

"Recieved the super skein hair pack today, my sister loved it! Great value! And we will defently buying more! Thank You" -Dan O. 3/06

"Recieved the super skein hair pack today, my sister loved it! Great value! And we will defently buying more! Thank You." -Craig S. 3/06

"Hello! I just wanted to say that I've just started using your custom tutorial and it is really helpful, I'd just started on my first custom and couldn't get the symbols off, and the scraping method hadn't occurred to me. Thank you very much! Best wishes, Ele." -Ele R. 2/06


"Hi! I just wanted to say you have a great site here... You have great prices on your hair and accessories, and I appreciate that!! Thank you! " -Stephanie 1/06

"I received my order this morning and I'm very happy with it. I'll for sure come back. Very serious! Many thanks. Lou ;-) " -Louanne B. 1/06

"Thank you so much! The hair I received is beautiful, I can't wait to put it to use! I will definitely be a repeat customer. " - Kristin K. 1/06

"Thanks for your beautiful web site ! Thanks from my ponies too lol!" -Audray B. (from France!), while placing a 2nd order :-) 1/06 

"I just purchased (& received) some hair from you and am very pleased with it... Thanks so much.." -Susan W. 12/05

"I just wanted to say I love your hair and your web site! I just bought some (more) hair on ebay yesterday. I am so glad you have more colors of Yaky hair it is my favorite! ...Please keep up the great work I love your stuff and Happy Holidays." - Rebecca E. 12/05 

"...I love your web site!  I added it to my favorites.  Thank you!" - Tanya S. 11/05 

"Good morning. I wanted to thank you again for such a smooth transaction, and great communication... I love the skeins, my ponies look amazing. I would buy from you again in a heartbeat. Thank you." - Heather K. 10/05

"I just received the.. hair today.  Thank you very much for your kindness and excellent service.  I look forward to working with you again!" -Amy W. 5/05 

"I have just received my first order of hair from you and I love it! ...Thank you very much!" -Emma M., while placing a 2nd order :-) 5/05

"I received my hair Monday - thank you so much, and look for my business again at a later date. :)" -Tarah W. 4/05

"This is a great deal!! Thank you" -Christina L. 3/05

"The package of hair arrived today in great condition.  Thank you very much, I will defiantly order from you again the next time I need some MLP hair." -Natalie C. 2/05

"I got my hair today YAY ...thanks for the speedy delivery." Elizabeth, 12/04

"I received the pony hair today, thank you very much!  It's lovely!  I will enjoy seeing my ponies with such gorgeous hair!  Thanks again!" -Becky K. 10/04

"I have received all the items I bought from you!! All is perfect! The hair is so beautiful!  I'm sure we'll do business again and I'm please to meet you.  Besides, your web site is great!  I have learned lots of things about customizing ponies :)" -Yolanda S. (from Spain!) 9/04