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Lady Day Dreamer sells many cool things for your customs including an excellent tool for rehairing ponies quickly (what I use to rehair my ponies).
So you've bought hair, now what? If have a project you need rehaired just visit Strawberry Fair and she'll do it for you.


MLP Fair
This years fair is in MEMPHIS, TENESEE. Visit this site to find out more about the official My Little Pony Fair.

A+ My Little Pony Message Board.

Dream Valley
Kimberly Shriner's Dream Valley. A wonderful guide to the US G1 ponies. This is also one of the first ever MLP fan sites on the web! Includes pony identification, a checklist and tons of pictures.
Aikarin's site contains a little bit of everything. Sales lists, customs, customs tutorials and much more. This one is worth checking out!



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