2008 My Little Pony Fair, Rhode Island
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To summarize my trip in one word.... "Wow." Traveling to Rhode Island stunk (thanks American Airlines) but WOW WOW WOW was the fair yet again totally amazing. My huge thanks goes out to the fair staff for taking so much time and effort to put on this event yet again. You girls are great.

I've many many pictures, thoughts, quotes and inspirations to share from the event. While it will take me awhile to get them all online, I wanted to start with some teaser pictures. There are many even more awesome pictures to come so be sure to check back :-) I have three cameras to develop- these are just the digitals from my friend.


The Tour of Hasbro - Friday June 20 2008

Well, a whole 45min tour sounded like a bit of a snore to me. 45mins to tour Hasbro? I figured they would sit us in a room, show us some drawings and send us on our way. Whoa! Not at all...

So, we load onto two giant busses. And go for what seems like the longest car ride ever. Look at us all huddled outside of the bus at Hasbro! (insert bus pic)

Unloading from the busses I can only imagine what the poor soul that has to greet us is thinking. Something along the lines of... "Oh My Gosh, those pony collecting freaks are here..." Yes, yes we were.

So what do they have to appease our crazy pony-crazed minds? A GIANT Pinkie Pie waiting for us in front of Hasbro. She is one of the ponies from the MLP Live Stage Show... very cool... I tried not to squeal... too loudly...

They handed out badges to each of us and split us into groups of 20 to go inside. Each group was paired with an employee of Hasbro that worked directly with the My Little Pony line.

My group was first to go in with Kirk ____ as our guide - what an amazing fellow! Kirk was one of the sculptors of the MLP lines in the 80s and Senior Sculptor now.

(insert pic of me with MLP display)

Down the Halls of Hasbro we went... Kirk was giving us his history at Hasbro (he's been working there a LONG time) and even the history of the building and surrounding buildings. It was neat to learn that a large part of the production use to be done there... not anymore, of course. All production is done in China.

There were several very cool displays on the way, including a My Little Pony one.

There was also a Littlest Pet Shop display with more LPS toys glued to it then your could imagine... so don't bother with that, I took a pic!
(insert pic LPS Display)
(insert pic Transformers Movie 2009 Display)

Hello Transformers! Ahh.. my two toy loves under one roof... drools...


Okay, we walking into a conference room to sit down for a 20 min presentation. Pretty much this overviews what we go into further depth on for the tour. We also hear a new jingle that is planned for the MLP line... it sounds similar to the 80s theme... but with a bad beat in the background that makes me cringe.... oh well...
(insert pic Conference room)

From the conference room we go into the cafeteria! Not to eat but to check out the stations they have set up for us. The first is with ____________, she is a marketer of the current My Little Pony line.

This table is filled with style guides (that they hand out to companies licensed with Hasbro to produce backpacks, coloring books). The guides define what is and isn't allowed in My Little Pony from the style of the logo to the colors of the ponies and how the symbol and face.

There were also several examples of merchandise licensed by Hasbro.

I learned during my many questions that Hasbro was going to go around to tables to take pictures of the symbols of many of the original My Little Ponies because they had records of very few and were looking to do "something" with them for 2009. I mentioned that there were several websites that had done that for them already and she said they had looked and looked but not found a thing... Hmmm... I dunno.

And a Licensing Show Pinkie Pie... here I am holding her- in the background is the table and display wall.

(insert prototype pics)

Next we learned more on how Hasbro takes a new product from start to finish. This table has several cool prototypes including Megan and a pinkish pastel My Pretty Pony.

Most of all is a beautiful green cotton-candy like pony in the shy pose. She's made from clay with real My Little Pony hair.

From this table... we all died in the presence of Bonnie. Bonnie was the original creator of the My Little Pony line...


(fill in more info)

In this picture, Bonnie is revieling her original idea for My Little Pony. Being a fan of real horses since she was a child, she planned for My Little Pony to be colored like real horses. This pony is all black. She was not thrilled when she was told to make the ponies in pastels like pink and purple.

Here's another of Bonnie's ideas. Yes, It's a paint horse! These ponies obviously developed into the original 6.

More pictures of these girls later... I spoke to Bonnie when the group was wandering off- what a sweet lady! She's very excited about My Little Pony- I dare say just as us fanatic collectors are :-)

As our conversation wandered somehow CustomPony.com came up. I deffinatly had a moment when both Bonnie and ____ knew of my website! ______ was actually quite famaliar with it. Yeah, I'm cool :P LOL.

Optimus and I being homies. Yo.

On the table behind me is the table of gifts given out to everyone who went on the tour. Inside is the silver MLP pin and either the new Pinkie Pie, Scootaloo or Toola Roola. They also offered us water... which is good because by this point we've all been drooling a fair time now.

Out the doors we go with our goodie bag... and look who's waiting for us? Ah yes, Giant Pinkie Pie.

So here is is, Kelsey, Pinkie Pie and myself with a Mr. Potato Head statue in the background.

Hasbro has some pretty art on their backdoor... I thought I'd snap a picture to share :-)
(hasbro building pic)
(pic crowd around Pinkie Pie)
We had someone directing traffic on the little street as we all wet running across...