Before nylon and saran hair were available on the retail market "Jumbo Braid" hair was one of few choices for bulk doll hair. While this hair is intended to be used for extensions, it sometimes can be an inexpensive alternative for the not-so-picky customizer. Jumbo Braid is a type of kanekalon hair that can be identified by it's kinky texture. There are several rainbow colors available, the colors are the same no matter the brand. As well as a wide variety of browns, greys and black. Below are several pictures comparing the colors to My Little Ponies.

No additional information will be added to this guide as CustomPony recommends NYLON hair. However, this guide will stay up as it may be a good reference for someone :-)

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Closest matches:
OTHER yellow colors:
Pale Yellow:
Neon Yellow:


  Pic coming soon!

Closest matches:
OTHER green colors:
Dark Green:  Gusty

Dark Green 
Pic coming soon!

Closest matches: Gusty
OTHER yellow colors:
Lime Green:
*NOTE, this color of Silky Straight hair is currently not available in the store.

  Pic coming soon!
Closest matches: Butterscotch, Baby Butterscotch(foreign)
OTHER butterscotch colors:

Hasbro loved this color of pink! Fortunatly I have a near match. This color is *slighty* brighter then Cotton Candy's color. It is much too light for the Birthflower ponies, HOWEVER it DOES sucessfully dye to a perfect match for the Birthflower ponies with a bit of lavender RIT dye.
Closest matches: Cotton Candy & Baby, Snuzzle, Peaches, Mommy Sweet Celebrations & Baby Sis, Rosedust, Bowtie, Sundance, Baby Cuddles, Baby Moondancer
OTHER pink colors:
Dark Pink: Birthflower ponies, Heart Throb & Baby, Tex, Lil Tot,
Pale Pink: Posey, TAF Yum Yum,

This orange is nearly a match to So Soft Ribbon's stripe. As you can see above it is lighter to both Gypsy and So Soft Paradise.
Closest matches: So Soft Ribbon
OTHER orange colors:
Dark Orange: Gypsy,
Hot Orange: So Soft Paradise,
*NOTE, this color of Silky Straight hair is currently not available in the store.

Pic coming soon!
This red is an identical match to all red haired ponies!
Closest matches:Baby Stockings (Rice Crispy Offer Baby), Stockings
OTHER red colors:

Pic coming soon!
Light blue is a somewhat brighter but (although it is hard to tell from the pic) it is pretty close.
Closest matches: Firefly & Baby Blue Ember, Sprinkles, Baby Blue Ribbon 
OTHER blue colors:
Dark Blue: Listed above.
*NOTE, this color of Silky Straight hair is currently not available in the store.

Pic coming soon!

Closest matches: Trucker, (movie) Firefly
OTHER blue colors:
Light Blue: Listed Below.

Pic coming soon! Pic coming soon!
This purple is a bit brighter then that of ponys such as Twinkler here; it is MUCH darker then light purple haired ponies.
Closest matches: Twinkler, Magic Hat,
OTHER purple colors:
Light Purple: Blossom & Baby,

Pic coming soon!
Closest matches:
OTHER blue colors:
Purple: Listed above.