Body Dye


What you need:  A large pan, water, stirring spoon, and a fabric dye (such as RIT), plastic gloves (optional)



Color you want... Body color you need

Red custom... white, red, orange, or pink original body

Orange custom... white, orange or pink body

Green custom... white, green, or light blue body

Yellow Body... white or yellow body

Purple body... white, pink or purple body

Blue body... white, purple or blue body


You MUST have a white body if you want to dye a light color.  If your original body color is dark, you will have to dye your pony for much longer to change the color and therefore end up with a dark color.  For example, if I have a green pony that I want blue... If she had a short dip in blue dye I would have a blue-green pony.  I would have to leave her in the dye longer to make her blue.


My pony of choice for this project is G3 Sparkleworks.  I am wanting my pony to be red, so I have chosen to use Scarlet rit dye.  I know she will start out as a darker orange in the dye... then after some time I will begin to get a red color.


First step is to make sure that she fits in the pan!


Heat you water to the point where there are bubbles forming on the sides of your pan, then pour in your dye. It doesn't take much powdered dye... I usually do 1 tablespoon to 1 cup water.


Be sure to stir it VERY well until all the granules are gone (if you don't they will leave spots on your pony).  You want you dye evenly dispersed in the water. Sometimes letting the water boil for a bit well help assure it's dissolved well.


Look at those dirty dishes!  I always make sure my pony is totally wet right before I dip her in the dye brew. I do this because nylon hair takes dye very quickly, this helps slow it down a tad so I don't get streaks in the hair.

Use metal tongs to put your pony into the pot.  Be sure to hold her under ALL the way!  Otherwise you will have dye rings on your pony.  Also, don't just hold her with the tongs as the tongs themselves will leaves marks on your pony- move them several times as you are dying.

The final result!  And here is the original pony.


Take her out multiple times until you are satisfied with your color.  Rinse her in hot water (since your pony is hot) then slowly move the water down until you are running cold water.  Your pony can warp when it is hot and moving it from the hot pan to cold sink water can cause her warping to stay!