Hair Dye - Acrylic Paint



This method is great for styling hair or taming that unruley look you sometimes get after rehairing. It tends to give a more permanent curl then just "air drying" in curlers. It can be straightened again by running the hair under water.
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  • Acrylic Paint
  • A stiff toothbrush or fine flea-comb
  • Small mixing cup
  • Water
  • Scrap Newspaper
  • Plastic Wrap (optional)
  • Vaseline (optional)
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The color of paint you use will not come out as bright as the original.  Also, remember that when dyeing that the base color (color of the hair) will effect the dye.

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Make Your Dye!
A little dye will go a long way.  When you mix your paint and water you will want to have an ink-like consistancy.

Stir until the mix is even.

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Preparing your pony
Use plastic wrap to protect the plastic.  This mixture WILL dye the body, as well as the hair!  If you spill a bit it can be cleaned off with soap and water if you are quick enough. 

Use acetone (or nail polish remover) if it left a bit of dye where you don't want it.

Vaseline can be used up to the hair line to keep the dye off.

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Just Dye It!
Place the pony onto your newspaper with the hair fanned out.
Dip your comb or toothbrush into your dye & comb the dye through the hair until every hair looks colored.  This could take awhile!
You can touch up the roots with a paint brush

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Let your doll/pony air dry UP SIDE DOWN.  This will keep the dye from dripping elseware.  The drying process may take a full day for ponies with thick/long hair.

Brush the hair a couples times an hour while the hair is wet.  It you don't you are sure to end up with stiff hair!

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Finishing Up
As I sugest with any dye job, you should use water and mild soap on your dyed hair so that your color does not bleed onto the plastic later.  This will wash some of the color out but it is better then that color coming out onto your custom!



Good Luck!! ;-)