I’ll admit- rehairing only comes easy with practice. It is very much a learned skill, so don’t get frustrated!


I have found that large curved needle with a rounded point works best. For one, it is easy to rehair your pony from the outside of the head. For two, you won’t prick yourself incase your hand slips. You will also need your pony (of course!), a bowl or cup of water, and a sharp pair of scissors. Optional are a needle threader and a pair of pliers. You will need a good thick glue when you are finished. I’d also recommend good lighting!

  • large, solid needle
  • bowl of water
  • sharp scissors
  • needle threader
  • pliers
  • Non-dripping, quick-drying glue
To start, take a very small bit of replacement hair, the thickness should be just slightly more then a plug of pony hair (by “plug” I mean the amount of hair in each hole stitched into the ponies’ mane). You will need a bit more because you often lose a few hairs when you thread the hair into the needle and while sewing it into the pony’s mane. You can see the true amount that you have by twisting the hair to see how thick it is when it is bunched together.
When you are satisfied with the thickness you must decide your length. Keep in mind that you want to double the length that you want the pony’s hair to be then adding (at least) one inch because you will have to trim later.
Pinch near one end of the hair, dip the hair into the water.
Then, use your other hand to wipe off the access water (while also “pinching” the hair together).
Take your scissors and cut the hair off straight.

Thread this hair through the needle (this is where a needle threader might come in handy) and pull about 2 inches of the length of the hair through the hole of the needle. Wa-la! You are ½ way there!

Next comes the threading… you can do this with or without the ponies’ body attached. Starting at a first plug (from the forelock or base of neck, it doesn't’t matter). Stick the needle into the hole, then out through another close hole. The more you crisscross your holes the tighter your rehairing job will be. So don’t pull the hair though holes that are right next through each other- this will also keep you from ripping out the plugs.
At this point, you will need to grab the longer side of the hair and use your other hand to pull the needle through the head (I recommend you use pliers to grab the needle and pull it because after awhile it will begin to hurt your fingers. Pliers will also give your more steadfast grip). Keep pulling your needle until the shorter end of the hair comes though, at the point you can slide the needle off and pull the shorter end through until both sides are even.
CONGRATULATIONS!! One plug down- a whole head full to go!
Finishing Up! Whew! Finally your mane is all done. Your can leave it as-is or I would recommend that you add a bit of hot glue to the inside of your ponies head to keep the hair from sliding when brushed. DO NOT use any sort of “runny” glues because they will leak through the plugs and you will have glue all over the beautiful hair you just put in. Just a line across the plugs on the inside is all your need. I recommend "hot glue" for this.