This is one of the fastest and, in my opinion, easiest ways to rehair your ponies

SUPPLIES now offers a rehairing tool! You can purchase one in the store :-)


  • rehairing tool
  • scissors
  • sharp scissors
  • Non-dripping, quick-drying glue
  • bowl of water



  1. More is not better. Thick plugs = hair that sticks up and becomes hard to style. Look at the original pony, the plugs are very small. If you want more hair, make more plugs.
  2. Uneven plugs. I've seen gorgous ponies with pretty uneven plugs. Make several plugs ahead of time. And, when using a rehair tool, you can always pull a hair or two out to thin plugs that have gotten too thick.
  3. Syle it! I can not emphasize more that if you are going to take the time to rehair a pony, take the time to style it. The hair is naturally going to stick up, that is why Hasbro styles the ponies hair before packaging it up and sending it to stores. Expecting to have perfect style after a rehair is like rolling out of bed and thinking your hair is ready to go to a prom (boy would that be cool, though!). Checkout the styling tutorials- styling is really quite quick and painless.
  4. Secure it! If you are using a rehairing tool you must do something to secure the hair. I recommend running out glue on the inside of the plugs.
I'll be rehairing a poor Baby Leaper with a buzz-cut. I've picked out nylon hair in "Sunny Day" from my store for the perfect match :-)

I have about 1/4 of a weft here, and will be cutting that skein in half.

Now then, I have a bunch of hair... so I need to start making some plugs. It's hard to tell, but in this picture I have dipped the center of the hair into the bowl of water. Not only does it keep the hair together, but easily marks the center for me.
So, when making plugs I want them to be the size of, or even slightly smaller then the original plugs (I've left a few plugs in his head for comparison later).

Her I have set several plugs out on a set of cloth for easy rehairing. I'll repeat this step as I need more plugs.

Take a plug, and drap the center over your nail.
Now, holding it tightly carefully slide the point of your took under the hair. Be careful not to poke yourself! You'll get better at "grabbing" the hair with practice :-)
Keep ahold of the hair as you place you hand around the handle.
This is how you will want you hand to be, be sure to keep holding the loose ends of the hair!
Find your first plug and line up the needle point.
Push the needle ALL THE WAY IN.
Then pull the tool out.
It's hard to see in this picture, but my plug is the same size as the original plugs.
Again, alot of customizers tend to make the plugs too thick because they think when they start rehairing that the hair is too thin. I took this picture to show what your pony should look like after the first row is done. Yes, it does look thin. BUT I promise you don't need to make the plugs thicker (you'll see the end picture).
Haha, I just had to show the lovely moment as I finished the last plug!

All done! Doesn't he look handsome?

It's not *too* bad, but you can see the hair at the base of his neck is standing out a bit. Don't panic, this is normal with any rehair! You can wait awhile and the hair will settle into place or check out the styling tutorials.

Quick tip: A simple method of styling that will settle the hair overnight is to wet the hair and wrap it tightly around the neck.

Finishing Up! Whew! Finally your mane is all done. Now you need to add a bit of hot glue to the inside of your ponies head to keep the hair from getting pulled out when brushed. DO NOT use any sort of “runny” glues because they will leak through the plugs and you will have glue all over the beautiful hair you just put in. Just a line across the plugs on the inside is all your need. After you do this, brush the hair out, trim to the desired length and style. :-)