This method is great for styling hair or taming that unruley look you sometimes get after rehairing. It tends to give a more permanent curl then just "air drying" in curlers. It can be straightened again by running the hair under water.


You will need a pan this is large enough to fit your pony without it touching the sides. Tongs are needed to dip the pony

  • stove
  • tongs
  • a pan large pan filled with water
  • hair "bobby" pins, curlers, etc

Introducing.. newborn Baby Bubbles! Baby Bubbles has Kanekalon Tiara hair. *Note, CustomPony highly recommends Nylon. Kanekalon hair can be difficult to work with.

First off I brushed her hair out then got it wet... this made it easier to keep all the hairs together.  At this point you can use curlers... straws (shown in another tutorial), pencils or whatever you want to achieve a curl or another hair style. 

For this pony I just wrapped the mane around the neck and the tail around a leg & secured with a bobby pin.  This is a good point to trim off any hairs that are a bit longer then the rest.

Next, get you pan of water boiling... make sure that your water is deep enough that your pony won't touch the hot pan! 

Take a stray bit of hair to test it first- the last thing you need is your pony hair melting (nylon will be okay, but other types are not as heat resistant).  Leave the test peice of hair in for 1/2 a minute.  If it doesn't burn or krinkle you are okay to continue...

Dip the pony in... Generally the longer you leave her the more set the hair will be.  I wouldn't leave her for more then a minute total, just long enough to get the hair hot.


Let the hair dry completly.  I like to set my ponies in front of a fan... you can use a hair dryer to speed the process but use COLD air.  Hot air can melt your ponies hair!

Remove the curlers/pins.  This is how my pony looked right after removing the bobby pins.  At this point you can leave you pony alone or play with the style a bit. 

In this picture I ran a comb through her hair.
Here, I pulled the tail apart in three different "sections"... I kinda liked it like this... so this is how she stayed :-)

Some customizers like to add a bit of hair spray to keep the hold (depending on the hair type you have... some types will loose their curl in a few days!)

Good Luck!! ;-)