G1 Head Removal



Removing a G1 head is pretty easy. All you need is a little muscle strength (or someone nearby who does!)


There's not much you need here. Go get that pony!


Introducing.. Windy

Windy has a tail cut... and I happen to have a full tail from a donor pony.

You can also make your own tail be securing the center of your custom hair with a zip tie.

Bend the head over in several spots... chances are your pony has a loose spot in the glue already, or, like Windy here, when you bend the head over the glue will loosen to show the lip of the neck.

It's sounds brutal... but grab the pony and pull it apart! Focus on the loose spot first (if you found one). You'll see the most ponies will pull aprat with a bit of effort.


If head does not come off easily, you can either:

  • Run the neck under some HOT water.
  • Boil the pony in a pot of water for a few minutes.
  • Or leave her sit in a hot car window for an hour (assuming it is warm outside, of course)

Be sure to let her cool a bit before you get to work. Even a pony in a car can get hot enough to burn you.

Head off! Sometimes I leave it just a tad glued on (like shown here) if I only intend to switch the tail.

All done :-)