G3 Head Removal...

Off with her head!

The biggest problem with removing a G3 ponies' head is that it just has so much darn glue!  With some effort, it can be done.  To do this all you will need is a small pair of sissors. 

There are some steps you can take to help loosen all that glue.  I suggest you try running your ponies' neck under hot water or dipping her head in boiling water for a minute (be sure to let her cool down before touching her!). 

Deformed pony...?

To start, bend the head over sideways, if luck is on your side you may find a "weak spot" in the glue... which will give you just enough space to slide your sissors in.  If not, you will have to carefully poke straight into the pony, being careful to stay on the seam.  You will only need to go about 1/4" in at this point.

Being careful and going slow is the key, if you don't have a steady hand I suggest you grab a friend to help you.  Besides, they need to get into ponies too, right?

Once you have your sissors in the neck you will need to slide them along the seam... this shouldn't require much pressure.  If you hit a hard spot STOP and try starting in another spot... it's not worth slipping and poking yourself (Yes, I speak from experience).

To be continued...

Good Luck!! ;-)