Making a Tail



This is assuming you have already removed the head from your pony. If not, first view the tutorials for head removal.


  • Replacement Hair (try my store)
  • Washer (also in store)
  • Scissors
  • Holder of some sort
    • zip tie
    • metal clip off of an old tail
    • rubber bands
    • twisty ties



No pictures yet! But this is pretty easy.

Basically take the figure the length of tail you want, double that and add an inch to that.

Secure your hair in the center using one of the mentioned fasterners above. I recommend adding a bit of glue under the fastener to keep the strands of hair from coming out when you brush the tail

That's it! You have a tail. Check out the "Tail Replacement" tutorial to see how to add your tail.


Good luck!