G1 Tail Removal



This is assuming you have already removed the head from your pony. If not, first view the tutorials for head removal.


  • Pliers

My high quality masterpiece here demonstrates what the tail looks like inside the pony.

P.S.- I will send you a signed print of this beauty for $1,000 USD. Any suckers- uh, I mean takers? :-D

P.P.S.- She's dancing.

Reach in and grab that tail.

This is a picture of how a tail is set up. The tail is one bunch of hair, held together with a metal clip in the middle. The hair is folded over at the clip and a washer is used on the inside of the pony to keep the tail from being easily pulled out.

When you have a pony that rattles when the body is shook, this is because the washer has become loose.

A picture of the washer off the tail.
The g1 washer style varies... but they are all the size of a penny.

The End.