Symbol Removal - Acetone


What you need:  Cotton Balls, nail polish remover/acetone, something to scratch with (your nails, toothpick, etc)


Step 1) First, apply a good amount of nail polish remover or pure acetone to your cotton ball.  "Pat" this onto the pony's symbol (so that it is shiney wet) for 1-2 mins.


Step 2) Start scratching!  I'm using my nails... but you can use your friend's nails (LOL), a toothpick.. or whatever you find to make a good scratcher! If the symbol does not come off fairly clean and easy then you need to let it soak with more acetone.  the last thing you want is a huge "ghost symbol" to clean up (though you are likely to have a light one.


Step 3)  If you look in the picture above you can see that where I have taken off the bottom half of the heart there is a bit of a symbol ghost left behind.  To removed this use my cotton ball, and scraper together.  For example, I placed my soaked cotton ball on the symbol and used my nail (through the cotton) to scrap it off.  For symbols, press very very hard put don't rub back and forth!  This makes a horrible mess and smears the ghost around.  Instead, stroke in one direction, picking the cotton ball up every time.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat... and eventually...


You're finished!  Your symbol can and will come off completely... just takes a bit of elbow grease.  Don't give up!  Also, I wouldn't stop in the middle of removing a symbol, they seem to be much harder to remove after they have been rubbed on- just a bit of experienced advice there.