I got lots of questions after people have read the tutorials. Usually it's asking which methods a prefer to use, or which brands are my favorite. So I've created yet another tutorial page just for common questions. Here goes!


Q: What type of paint should I use?
Acrylic. Enamels and spray paint tend to flake or get sticky over time. Nail polish is a HUGE no no! Trust me, acrylic is what you want.

Q: What brand of paint do you use?
I highly prefer Createx paints, both for painting symbols/eyes and for airbrushing. It's super-smooth, always the right consistency and has the closet look to original symbol paint. Personally, I say that what you pay for your paint is what you get in the results. You can use 44 cent paints from Walmart, yes it will work just fine. But I've found the consistency isn't as smooth, it tends to settle quickly and sometimes you have to add water to get them the way you want, or they come too thin.

Q: What about sealer? *In the store*
This has been debated for such a long time. I've used several types, and they have all failed me at some point (Modge Podge and any sealers available at Walmart to name a few)- I think humidity/dryness in the air tends to be the key. I've found only one type of sealer that works wonderfully and I've kept it as a secret (sorry!) but sell it in the online store. Trust me, it's WELL worth the price. It's pretty pricey for me to get and it only comes in a huge quantities that even the most dedicated customizer wouldn't use up in several years, so I offer it in a must smaller quantity- just like yo would buy it at the store.

Q: What is your rehairing method? *In the store*
Rehairing tool. Hands down on the ease here. Now, it takes a bit to learn but once you learn it you will be very efficient at it.

Q: What glue do you use after rehairing with the rehairing tool?
I use hot glue. It holds the hair very well.

Q: How do you change the body color? *In the store*
RIT dye is my first choice by far. Do some dying practice on some fakie ponies or ponies beyond repair before trying it on your first custom. In cases where I need to match a color exactly, I will airbrush. If you don't have an airbrush, use a foam brush for smoother lines.

If you are outside the USA you have Dylon brand dye available in your stores. From what I've been told it is harder to use then RIT as the water in some cases has to be a certain temp for the dye to take (perhaps it varies depending on the color?). I've never personally used it.

Q: What airbrush do you use?
A cheap, $20 Testors airbrushing kit. Make sure you clean the paint off your airbrush very well after each use, and don't let the paint dry out on it. Practice make smooth strokes and a piece of cardboard several times before going to a pony.

Q: What airbrushing paint do you use?

Q: How do you paint your eyes?
I taught myself by painting over the original eye on many customs before daring to try painting the eye free hand. To make a "traditional" eye I keep a pony in front of me so I can refer back to how the eye looks.

Q: What do you use to remove symbols?
Pure Acetone and a cotton ball. It is available with the paint in the hardware section.


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