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Q: How do I use the store shopping cart system? A: To add an item you will want to click the "Add to Cart" button that next to the item you want.  Once you sign up/log in your items will stay in your cart until you remove them of checkout- even if you leave the site.

Q: I can't checkout through paypal... A: If you have this problem, you MUST disable your firewall before checking out. Otherwise your browser will not allow you to jump from my store to paypal. Problems may include: not being able to enter the proper checkout code & being timed out instantly though paypal- BOTH problems are caused by an active firewall.

Q: I've completed checkout (placed an order), what does my status mean? A: 
*Awaiting Payment - This means you have chosen the cash/money order payment option. I have received your order and am awaiting your payment.
*Pending [Paypal] - This shows that you have chosen the paypal payment option. Pending orders have not yet been reviewed by me. If you received a completed payment receipt from paypal, then I just haven't printed your packing slip yet. eChecks through paypal will stay in this status until after they clear. If you didn't not receive a completed payment receipt from paypal this means that you didn't not complete your payment with paypal and your order will not be processed (I will send you a payment reminder in most cases).
*Processing - I've reviewed your order (and received a cleared payment) and your package will be shipped shortly.
*Shipped - Your package has been shipped on that date.

Q: I've already ordered, but my item doesn't show as shipped. Can I add to my order? A: If your item hasn't been shipped you may add to your order. Please note that your order may have already been shipped and I have not gotten to updating the status of it yet- in this case I can't add to it. There will be a $.50 charge for each seperate payment from the first one, however (to help cover the extra paypal charge).

Q: How do you ship my store order?  I ship by first class mail with delivery confirmation.  International orders are sent by air mail.  All orders are sent in large envelopes unless they are heavy- then I ship in boxes.

Q: I tried to checkout, but it wouldn't figure shipping or allow me to checkout- why? A: Your country must not yet be added to my list of allowed countries. Please e-mail me and tell me your country so that I can do so :-)

Q: I've placed my order, how long till it is shipped? Current shipping times are ALWAYS posted up to date on the main page, so that you know when your package will mail.

Q: I will be mailing my payment.  How long do I have to send it? Please send your payment within 3 days of placing your order. If your payment is not received in a timely manner I will cancel your order and all coupons/discounts prices will be forfeited. It should go without saying, but please don't order if you don't intend to pay. I can and will block time wasters from ordering from the store.

Q: I live in ____, will you ship there? A: Yes, I sell internationally. The shopping cart does support most countries, however if you receive an error about shipping upon checkout please e-mail me your order.

Q: Do you every offer special deals? A: Oh yes! Everything is posted on the home page. I also often advertise on the mlparena and message boards when I offer a sale.  Join the newsletter for SPECIAL (and exclusive) offers... this can be edited in your store account by logging in and then clicking "My Account" in the top right hand corner.

Q: Where is my package shipped from? A: Kansas City, KS, USA

Q: Do you have any colors available other then those listed in your store? A: No, I do not. I will have additional colors coming in a few months... I will add the new colors as I get them.

Q: Are you still selling Yaky/Tiara/Kanekalon hair? A: Nope, sorry.

Q: What are your shipping costs? A: UPDATED APRIL 2007 - These are subject to change with the postral rates changing soon. Shipping is based on weight and destination.

USA shipping prices:
1 skein .90
2 skeins 1.80
3-9 skeins 2.75
10-12 skeins 3.75
13-16 skeins 4.25

*Canada is +$.50
*Most other countries are (approx) +2.00

ORDERS OVER $50 NOW SHIP FREE (New April 2007).



Q: How many ponies can I rehair with your nylon skeins? A: You can rehair about 1.5 regular length adult ponies with one of my nylon skeins. I guarantee skeins are the thickest and longest skeins you are able to buy anywhere and still for a lower price. Each skein is 40" in length. You get .5oz of hair.

This picture shows just how much hair is left over from just one skein after rehairing a MLP with super long hair: Another picture of the same pony to show you just how long her hair is!

Q: What do your skeins look like? A: hair is unique in that instead of getting a loose bundle or coil of hair my hair is attached to a weft. With this, if you hair were to get tangled in storage or handling all you have to do is brush it out- no more wasted hair! This also allows you to cut off small portions at a time and not have to worry about losing the extra hair. Each skein is individual baged and labeled.

Each skein of hair is 40" in length and the weft is approx 5.5" across. For larger projects I also sell full packages and they will be 44" across.

This is how your skein arrives to you: My hair is 40" long and each skein weighs approx.5oz. This picture shows just how much hair you get:
A close up of the weft. Each skein is approx 5.5" wide: As you can see with this picture, if you removed the weft (by cutting the string) you could add another 1.5" of hair to the 40":


Q: Do you offer hair blends? A: I can not blend the hair for you since it is on a weft, but I am happy to split skeins to up to 3 colors and you can easily blend the hair yourself.

To do this: just add the blend option at the top of the nylon hair catagory. For example add "3 color blend" to your cart. Then in notes list "3 color blend: 1/3 Evening Star, 1/3 Blooming Liliac, and 1/3 Fading Rose". Do this for each blend you order.

Q: Do you have a contract with Hasbro/Mattel? A: No. No one has a contract with either of the companies, contrary to what others have previously claimed. I have talked the representatives from both companies and is not something they are will to do, nor have they ever done.

Q: Where do you get your hair? A: This hair is manufactured just for I have had this nylon hair produced to my specifications and produced to match the to original and current My Little Pony colors. This is why I say this hair is exclusive to you will not find the length and many of the colors elsewhere, they simply aren't available.

Q: Do you have a match for _____? A: Please view the Color Matching section. I have a match for nearly all My Little Pony colors.

Q: Is there a difference in texture between G1 and G3 hair? A: G3 hair has a slightly lower denier (thickness) then G1 hair. The differences are slight.

Q: Can I blend G1 and G3 hair? A: You sure can! They will lay about the same.

Q: What is the best type of hair for customizing My Little Ponies? A: Well, whatever works best for you is the best :-) I have used many types of hair with very successful results. I highly recommend Nylon hair and if you are doing a restoration project Nylon is 100% the way to go, as this is the type of hair that is used on the original My Little Ponies. Check out the Tutorails for a hair type comparison.


Q: What is the difference between G1 white and G3 white? A: The G1 white varies greatly... think of a white shirt you've had for 20 years... chances are it's not *WHITE* white anymore. Even a MIP pony will have it's color change over time. Because of the huge inconsistency with this color I choose to have the G3 white reproduced for me, because it is still a nice pure color. The only difference is that the white in a G3 is more brilliant, while the G1 is more matte- the color itself is the same. You you used old white hair with new white hair the color will be a bit different if you look very closely, but really will blend together just fine. Here is a picture:

G1 hair vs G3 hair

Q: What is the closest match for Munchy's color? She looks very close to Cherries Jubilee... A: The color is very close, however Munchy's color is unique to her. You can see in the picture below that her color is more coral then Cotton Candy, while Cherries Jubilee has a few tints more red. I would recommend using Cherries Jubilee's (Coral Reef) color for her.

Q: You list ___ and ___ as having the same hair color, but mine don't! One is slightly lighter then the other. Is it a different color? A: You can take two of any same pony and chances are the tint of the pony hair on them will vary *slightly* if not very definitely. A few colors can also fade over time from regular play. My colors are matched to very dark, pure colors (like the colors were originally produced).

Q: Why do ponies with the same hair color have variations of that color? A: Dying each batch of hair over time will cause come variations. For example- does a family recipe always stay the same? Chances are someone will add a tablespoon instead of a dash, therefore producing a slightly different result. It is the same with hair when it is made, the amount of the dye in each batch will vary slightly.

Q: Does Hasbrotm still produce the hair colors they did in the 80s? A: Very few g3s colors have exact matches to 80s colors, though some are close. View the Color Matching guide to find out if there may be a donor G3 pony available for your project. The thickness of G3 and G1 hair are different.



I will soon be opening that is full of information and tutorials JUST for doll artists! Until then, I will use this section to help answer my most commonly asked questions.

Q: How many skeins of your hair do I need for my doll ? A: The number of skeins will vary based on the length of hair you want.

Shoulder-Waist length - 1 skein
Knee-Floor length - 2 skeins

Q: What is the format of your skeins ? A: My nylon hair is 40" in length and wefted on one end (this way, if you hair gets tangled you can brush it out and not wast it! Cut off just as much as you need at a time. The skeins are pretty thick, each weighing .5oz.


If you receive an order missing an item or that has an incorrect item, please e-mail me and let me know and I'll get it fixed :-) It happens! Please contact me ASAP though.



If there is a mistake on your order please contact me immediately so I can fix it :-)

I generally do not accept returns on opened items because of the nature of my product. However, if you are unsatisfied with the item you received please contact me within 3 days of receipt.



Q: Do you have an ID on _____? A: Yep, yep and yep!
eBay - custompony-com
MLPTP - DazzleGlow
MLP Arena - DazzleGlow

Q: Do you have any references? A: Lots :-)
eBay Feedback - 99.4% positive.

Q: I just sent you an e-mail, when will you respond? I try to respond to e-mails as soon as I get them.  However, if you don't hear from me within 48 hours, please resend it.  Sometimes mail gets caught in the filter and is accidentally deleted or (as email goes) it never arrives at all.

Q: Will you trade hair for ponies? A: Most likely, yes... Check out my want list (note, this list is very out of date) .

Q: I've bought/traded with you. Can I use you as a reference? A: Certainly! :-D

Q: Will you do you custom commissions? A: Yes! Check out the "Comission" page on the links above.

Q: Will you carry ___ in your store?  I can't get it here! A: I am always open to suggestions, please send me an e-mail.  I might not be able to add it right away, but if I get enough requests I will try my best to add it.  Some of the items there now are there because of your wonderful e-mails :-)

Q: What have others said about this hair/site? A: Check out others FEEDBACK 

Q: The sale/contest ends at __, But I am in ____. What time is it where you are? A: I live in Kansas City, Kansas, USA. To find our time difference please look at the chart located HERE (this will open a new page).



...Is your question not answered here?  Feel free to send me an e-mail.